Car and Truck Floor Mats

Water and salt can cause extensive damage to concrete floors and wooden framed structures. Consider the value in all of the boxes, sporting equipment and tools your garage contains.

Constructed from 28 oz./sq yard anti-skid vinyl-coated nylon with a 1″ raised edge heat-sealed ethafoam.

Made of durable material that can withstand extreme changes in temperature from -40 to +40 degrees celsius!

Sides squeeze down when driven over and pop right back up once pressure is removed! Hand carts can easily be driven over the sides of the mat.

With environmental laws becoming more stringent regarding the containment of oil spills and other hazardous materials, the Floor Guard Mini Mat is a must have in the shop, garage, or anywhere else hazardous materials are present.


7’6″ x 17’ Car Mats and 7’6″ x 19’ Truck Mats in stock! Available in grey or beige.

Come in to our Showroom to see our garage mats today!

Sizes available to order:

  • ATV Mats (4’6″ x 8′)
  • Smart Car Mats (7’6″ x 9’6″)
  • Large Truck Mats (7’6″ x 22′)  OR  (9′ x 22′)

*Other custom sizes are available to order.

Limited 1 year warranty.